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fucking proud of mah bubs 



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Long Distance Relationships by Peony Yip

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“Você me censura por ficar aqui, onde sinto que é o meu lugar e que sou uno com o mundo a minha volta? É verdade que sinto falta de companhia inteligente, mas há tão poucos com quem possa compartilhar as coisas que significam tanto para mim que aprendi a me conter. É suficiente que eu esteja cercado de beleza…”
— Trecho da carta escrita por Everett Rues. Na Natureza Selvagem, página 97. (via nao-lembre)
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 I’ve gotten to spend time with Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, and I’ve listened to their bands since, but as far as the Nirvana records, I’ve had a hard time even listening to them, because it still reminds me of a very traumatic episode. I’m still not comfortable with the reality of how that all went down. I hate to even comment on it, because Krist and Dave and his other close friends probably have more to say about it. But just me personally, I’ve just had a hard time with it. It always comes back to just, “What a shame.” At the same time, I’ve only felt in the past few years that there’s no blame in those kind of situations. I used to kind of blame someone for not being able to get through that—I’m talking about the addiction part—but I’ve had a few experiences recently where you don’t blame the person anymore. It could happen to anybody.

—Eddie Vedder on Kurt Cobain.

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Sons of Anarchy; Flawless Cast

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